Bank Owned and Investment Properties in Rhode Island

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Investing in Rhode Island

Bank Owned - Foreclosures, REO, Investment Properties

Here is an up to date list of foreclosure and bank owned investment properties in Rhode Island.

Things to Know About Investing in Real Estate

Know the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of investment property owners.

When you own investment properties in Rhode Island, there are a number of things that can impact your bottom line and ultimately make the difference between realizing a profit or a loss. We put together some links to help you have a handle on what you need to know when you own investment properties in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Landlord Tenant Handbook 2019
Rhode Island Tax Assessor Database
Rhode Island Tax Rates
Fair Housing Word List
Rhode Island Home Sales Statistics
Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation License Lookup
Rhode Island General Law

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When Buying Investment Properties in Rhode Island it is important to know what kind of financing you are going to use. Some people might have cash in the bank, or may be using an equity line against another piece of property they own. Other investors may be borrowing from a hard money lender trying to flip a property quickly and pay off their lender as soon as possible to avoid having interest eat up their profits. Choosing the right investment property can be tricky. Usually the lowest priced options are the ones that require the most rehab. However, with the higher risk comes the possiblity for greater reward. You have to know what you’re comfortable with from an investment standpoint. How much money are you willing to put in before you get your return? How much work are you willing to supervise getting done in order to reap the greatest profit? What areas are going to provide the most upside for your investment? Real Estate investing can be extremely rewarding if you take the proper precautions, do your due diligence, and be prepared to walk away from a deal that doesn’t make sense.

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