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A critical early step toward buying your dream home

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

Shopping for a new home can be overwhelming. Finding a real estate agent, looking at homes online, and applyin...

Redecorating the master bedroom on a shoestring

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

It doesn’t take a huge bank account to take your master bedroom from feeling like your college dorm room to....

4 Tips to Maximize your Home-Selling Profit

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

One thing I know for certain: homeowners that sell their homes quickly and for top dollar are happy. Let’s f...

Spring and summer gardening for condo dwellers

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

There’s no need to pity your condo-dwelling, green thumber friends – where there is even a tiny space, the...

Is that included in the purchase of the home?

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

Marcy, a first-time homebuyer, was over-the-moon excited about finally moving into her new home. The day arriv...

Bring back the beauty of your vintage 1930s hardwood floors

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

The popularity of hardwood flooring has varied over the centuries. The replacement for the packed dirt floorin...

5 myths too many home sellers believe

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

More than half of today’s home sellers are selling a home for the first time, according to Zillow’s Consum...

Tips to get rid of kitchen clutter

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

The junk drawer. Love it or hate it, most of us have one and most of the time it’s in...

Should we renovate or remodel our home before selling?

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

One of the most common questions we hear from our listing clients is whether or not they should renovate or...


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