10 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money

Stephen Perrino - Realtor
Published on February 15, 2017

10 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money

They say the three most important things are location, location, and location. That may be true, but when it’s time to sell your house, you can’t do anything about the location. These 10 tips will help you add value through curb appeal, giving prospective buyers a great first impression and helping you sell your home faster and for more money.

Front Door Magic

curb appeal:sell your home faster

A brightly colored front door is exciting and welcoming to prospective buyers. Contrasting door knob hardware adds a nice touch and the prominently displayed house numbers help prospective buyers remember your address among your competition.

Front Steps Matter

curb appeal - Sell your house faster and for more money

Old, cracked, and faded steps can be an eyesore. A fresh coat of paint can really make a difference and change a glaring negative into an attractive and inviting impression on your buyers.

Paint the Utility Boxes

Curb Appeal - Sell Your Home faster and for more money

Painting the utility boxes helps hide an otherwise ugly part of your house while also adding a level of protection for the equipment against the elements.  Make sure you get paint that matches the siding. This is not a place where you want to use a contrasting trim color.

Carriage Garage Door

Curb Appeal - Sell Your House Faster and for More Money

Turn that boring garage door into an interesting detail with some decals and some cheap decorative hardware.

Want To Know What Your Home is Worth?

Replace/Re-paint Gutters and Downspouts

Curb Appeal - Sell Your House faster and for more money

Fresh and clean painted gutters, downspouts, soffits and fascia boards makes the house look well maintained. This helps a buyer determine that the seller takes good care of the property and leaves an subconscious impression of confidence in the quality of the home.

Power Wash Stained Siding

Curb Appeal - Sell your house faster and for more money

Of course the buyer can always do this after they buy the property, but now they’re thinking about chores instead of imagining living in the home. A few minutes and a pressure washer can take care of such grass stains with ease and will help your buyers feel better about making an offer on your house.

Beef up the Mailbox

Curb Appeal - sell your home fast

There’s nothing wrong with an ordinary mailbox, but a little bit of time, some new flowers, and some finish pieces can really make it look nice. No one’s buying a house because of the mailbox, but it does leave a subtle impression that adds character and curb appeal to your home.

Upgrade the Porch Lighting

curb appeal - sell your home for more money

Those crooked, rusty old fixtures looked great when they were new. It’s time to update them to some fresh new fixtures that will look great and help you stand out from the pack.

Freshly Painted Siding and Shutters

Curb appeal - sell your home for more money

A fresh paint job makes the house look clean and new. Shutters make the windows look bigger and adds context to the front of the house. Keep in mind, subtle and neutral colors have a broader appeal. Avoid busy contrasts and sharp colors.

Make it Pop at Night

Curb Appeal - Sell your house fast

A little bit of well placed accent lighting can make a HUGE difference on how well prospective buyers can see your property at night. This is most important in the winter months, but even in the autumn and early spring, as the sun goes down relatively early, and many buyers can’t view properties until the evening after work, having accent lighting that shows off the front of the house at night can have a really big impact for a relatively low expense.

There are many things you can do to add value when preparing to list your home for sale. Adding curb appeal improves the first impression a buyer gets and helps them associate good feelings with your property.

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10 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money
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