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Confused about how to price your home in Rhode Island?

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

We recently received an email from a former client. He’s considering selling his home and, like many home se...

3 Critical Home Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

Real estate isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Ensuring that you walk away from the deal with the...

Retiring and thinking of downsizing your home?

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

When the last time you bought a home was far enough back that your mortgage is paid off, or nearly...

3 reasons to sell your home NOW!

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

  I have a friend in another state who wants to sell her home. And, whether a blessing or a...

3 things that make homebuyers giddy

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

It’s a fact that how your home looks from the curb will either repel or compel buyers. So, once you’ve...

Negotiations After the Home Inspections: What you NEED to Know!

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

Negotiating the successful close of a home sale begins with price and contract terms and doesn’t end until t...

Trying to Sell Your House While Living In It? Read This.

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

Trying to sell your house while living in it while you are trying to sell it sucks. There are not two...

3 amazing kitchen designs

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

In 2015, more than 10 million American households spent nearly $50 billion renovating their kitchens, accordin...

Tips on financing the luxury home

Stephen Perrino - Realtor

The luxury home purchase process is different from buying a conventional or tract home. There’s more money p...


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